Water is vital, take care of it and discover the water springs of Cerro Verde Mirador.

Cerro Verde Mirador Reserves

Water is the fundamental element for sustaining and reproducing life on the planet and issues such as climate change, melting glaciers or snow-capped mountains and water pollution are far away.

Few of us realize that it is our poor use and lack of environmental awareness that is responsible for the depletion of the world’s water and its worsening quality.

Leaving a dripping faucet, watering plants with drinking water and not rainwater, pouring oils and soaps down siphons, leaving plastic and glass waste in reservoirs and forests, among others. Are you sure by reading these actions, now if you see the issue somewhat closer?

We grew up knowing that Colombia is full of natural wealth, several snow-capped mountains, forests and moorlands, and for this reason many believe that here the water will not run out.

Today we ask you, what is the point of being the sixth country with the largest water supply in the world if we do not know how to take care of this vital element? Did you know that 50% of the water in Colombia is of poor quality?

Industry, the agricultural sector and household water generate 9,000 tons of organic matter polluting the aquifers” and to this we must add the felling of trees and the lack of protection of forests and springs. In addition, it is estimated that in Colombia, in less than 10 years, the Santa Isabel and Tolima snow-capped mountains will disappear.

Do you know the springs of Mirador Cerro Verde?

The 200-hectare native forest of Mirador Cerro Verde is of great value to Antioquia. It protects the seven (7) water sources it has in its three borders: one in Envigado, five in Medellín and one in Río Negro.

To continue conserving a forest like this one, declared a natural reserve, maintains the river basins, and in winter, its large number of trees prevents soil erosion.

Hence the importance of caring for and conserving the water sources of our habitat and of the entire world.

What can you do to take care of water and what do we do at Mirador Cerro Verde?

  1. Collect and reuse water for internal bushes, compost and toilet flushing.
  2. Protect the native forest and its species, approaching others as an example to imitate.
  3. To spread the importance of water and each natural element in order to know how to conserve it with small actions.
  4. Make your lifestyle more sustainable and we provide sustainable tourism.
  5. Separate and recycle waste.

Water is vital