Eco hotel Mirador Cerro verde WE ARE CERRO VERDE MIRADOR Cabins from $ 160,000 per night for two people with breakfast ECOLODGE & SCENIC
Glamping y cabañas Santa elena Eco hotel Mirador Cerro verde DISCONNECT TO CONNECT YOURSELF WITH A UNIQUE ENVIRONMENT

Connect with nature in our ecolodge Mirador Cerro Verde

The perfect destination to reconnect with nature and the people you love.

The chirping of the birds will welcome you into the new day at the Mirador Cerro Verde ecolodge. You will feel energized as you breathe-in the fresh air and you will be amazed by the lush green landscape all around you. No matter where you look, we guarantee, you’ll be amazed.

Dawn or dusk, which one do you enjoy the most?

Our cabins and glampings are strategically located so that you can experience these two special moments of your day.

Wake up to a glorious sunrise over the San Nicolás Valley at the Trumpet Tree Cabins or settle down for the night at the Orange-wood Cabins while watching a majestic sunset over the Citará Cliffs.

Let yourself be rocked to sleep by the gentle sound of the rain, gaze at the stars, read that book you’ve been wanting to for so long or simply enjoy the calmness of a meditation session.

COP $330.000 / night
Glamping Uvito 1 Santa Elena
COP $150.000 / night
Trumpet Tree Cabin 1
COP $330.000 / night
Glamping Uvito 3 Santa Elena
COP $160.000 / night
Trumpet Tree Cabin 4
COP $160.000 / night
Trumpet Tree Cabin 3

An astonishing location for truly astonishing moments!

Treat yourself to an unfiltered natural experience.

Explore the protected native forest and experience the peacefulness of the pre-dawn under a canopy of stars, at our ecolodge.



200 hectares of native bushland await you. Discover and explore the forest with respect and responsibility.

Picnic Adventure

Picnic Adventure

Celebrate life, share a meal and enjoy great moments with your loved ones. Alternatively, breathe deeply the scent of the forest and become immersed in our rich, natural paradise.

The Antioquia Tower

The Antioquia Tower

Located at a whopping 2,700 metres above sea level, standing12 metres tall and with a 360º visual range, the Antioquia Tower is the perfect scenic viewpoint.

Horse riding

Horse riding

Explore the unrivalled beauty of Cerro Verde on horseback. Departing from the stables, follow your guide through the majestic native forest. Discover an abundance of local flora and fauna as you weave through the forest and across the mountains. Take a minute to soak in this incredible majesty and the magical landscapes that surround you.


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We are the stories we have to tell and in Cerro Verde you find everything to achieve magical memories full of adventures.