The Farallones de Citará from the Antioquia Tower

Cerro Verde Mirador Reserves

The Farallones de Citará is one of the most exuberant rock formations in the country, located between the departments of Antioquia and Chocó, exactly in the western mountain range of Colombia, which you can see from the Antioquia Tower of the Cerro Verde viewpoint.

This mountain range is home to a great variety of flora such as: heliconias, trees, frailejones, lichens, mosses and palms; and its highest point is at 4,020 meters above sea level at Cerro San Nicolás.

Farallones de Citará is composed of 30,075 hectares: 18,000 of these are virgin forests and 12,000 are environmental transition zone. As for its fauna, there are species such as the guagua, the armadillo, the ocelot, the spectacled bear, birds and endangered species such as the cock-of-the-rock.

It is a fluvial star with basins that flow into the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the great Magdalena-Cauca basin. Water sources are born here and flow into the San Juan River, which in turn flows into the Cauca River.

These water sources are used to supply collective aqueducts in several municipalities of Antioquia, as well as for agricultural use, fish farming and hydroelectric power production, among others.

The prioritized watershed of the San Juan River is further divided into sub-basins of rivers or streams that are tributaries of the San Juan River. These watersheds are of great importance because some of them supply municipal and/or local aqueducts, supply reservoirs or are used for different purposes (livestock, agriculture or aquaculture, among others), or because they contain a large number of water sources and springs.