Cerro Verde viewpoint: ecotourism experience in Santa Elena

Cerro Verde Mirador Reserves

At Mirador Cerro Verde we are more than an eco hotel, we are a complete ecotourism experience in Santa Elena, because when you say yes to this place, you are giving that yes to yourself.

Immersion in the forest allows you to relax your body, clear your mind and connect with your soul.

Vive Cerro Verde Mirador

How to connect with the senses to live the ecotourism experience in Santa Elena?

The main thing is the will to disconnect from the city, responsibilities, work and everything that generates stress or distracts your mind, such as: cell phones, music, computers, televisions, etc….

When you set foot in the place, be grateful for being there and allow yourself to be a child again, promising to enjoy every detail and new experience.

We invite you to follow these steps by putting your fingerprint on each one and being free to add the one you want:

  • Concentrate on your breathing and the clean oxygen that every cell in your body is receiving as you inhale.
  • Savor the food with your eyes closed, remembering that each vegetable, vegetable or fruit is grown with love in our organic garden.
  • Feel the rain, the cold wind, the sun’s rays when they touch your skin, being aware of the energy they provide to your body.
  • Perceive the different smells every time you change spaces, if necessary stop for a moment so that none of this ecotourism experience becomes obvious.
  • Listen attentively to the different bird songs, the speed of the wind and the movements of trees, fruits and leaves, turning that melody into the best sound therapy for relaxation.
  • Walk attentively perceiving with your eyes the different textures, flowers, animals and vegetation… Always remembering that they are your companions in this adventure and are part of the love of the Universe.
  • Hug a tree and feel not only the textures but the love in your heart and in the heart of nature.