About the moon and the magical nights of Cerro Verde Mirador

Cerro Verde Mirador Reserves

The moon is the only natural satellite of our planet. Many people attribute changes in behavior or attitude to the lunar phases and there are countless myths about this hypothesis.

It is also considered symbolically as the representation of feminine power and is characterized for being the brightest object of the night and inspiring for the human being.

The change in its position with respect to the sun is known as the moon phase. The new moon, when it is located between the Earth and the Sun; the full moon, when the Earth is between the Sun and the moon; and the waning moon, when it is located in intermediate positions.

It is said that a great number of animals become more active, sonorous and fertile when the full moon shines, because they depend on the luminosity to feed or ensure their existence.

Five fun facts about the Moon:

  • We weigh almost six times less there than on Earth.
  • There you will never be able to whistle.
  • There is no wind and no sound.
  • Its surface area is smaller than Asia.
  • Each year it moves 3.8 centimeters away from Earth.

How to fill yourself with the magic of a Cerro Verde night?

  1. Reserve a campfire and lie down on the sleeve of the picnic area to fill yourself with moonlight and stars.
  2. Turn off the light in your glamping, relax in the net or jacuzzi and let the moon and the stars be the ones to illuminate you.
  3. Lie down on the loft of the Sietecueros Cabin, take a deep breath and look out the windows and watch the night in silence.
  4. Have a drink on the balcony of the Yarumo or Arrayanes cabins and toast thanking for every detail of the day you had.
  5. Take a moon bath with hot water, in the outdoor showers of the Sietecueros hut and Uvitos glampings.