Resident birds at Mirador Cerro Verde

Cerro Verde Mirador Reserves

After an inventory of avifauna carried out by biologist
biologist David Angel Vasco
a total of 66 species of resident birds were recorded at Mirador Cerro Verde.

Consisting of 13 orders and 28 families, representing 3.3% of the avifauna recorded for Colombia, and 7.1% of the bird species reported for Antioquia.

This sampling was made possible by visual and auditory detection. By the path or line transect method, without estimation of distances. Birds were sighted with binoculars and digital recordings of vocalizations were made over a period of five days.

Threatened species were also identified and the biodiversity of the Aburrá Valley was recognized. Its richness as a rainforest, a key element for the development and functioning of the different habitats, where the fauna plays an essential role.

Classification of the inventory of resident birds:

resident birds Mirador Cerro Verde classification

resident birds Mirador Cerro Verde classification