Mindfulness and how to practice it in Cerro Verde Mirador

Cerro Verde Mirador Reserves

Mindfulness is the capacity of every human being to consciously pay attention to the experience of the present moment with interest, curiosity and acceptance.

That is, through its practice it becomes an anchor to live with attention, love and inspiration to fully enjoy what we are, what we have and what surrounds us now.

Its objective is to keep us free of judgments about our emotions, sensations, feelings or thoughts, listening to our inner self at every moment.

For its practice we can speak of five fundamental pillars, which allow us to have a source of joy, health and self-knowledge to discover and interpret what happens to us internally, understanding how it is reflected in the outside world.

Pillars of Mindfulness

  1. Attention to the present moment: living consciously in the present moment, allowing silence.

  2. Openness to experience: c

    apacity to observe each experience as if it were the first time.
  3. Acceptance: to live fluidly trusting, without resistance or prevention to any experience.

  4. Let

    living without attachments, detachment, recognizing that nothing persists eternally.

  5. Intention:

    Pursue what our heart tells us when we practice mindfulness understanding that we are a whole.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness?

By introducing mindfulness


as a lifestyle allows us to bring about the inner changes we desire, strengthening self-esteem, thus cultivating a healthy, resilient, empathetic and happy mind and heart.


On the other hand, it helps us to combat stress and anxiety as it leads us to a state of calm, serenity and mental clarity, which reduces cortisol levels.

How to practice Mindfulness in Cerro Verde Mirador?

On your next visit we invite you to live consciously in this space of biodiversity, where more than 66 species of birds live and where you have the oxygen of 200 hectares of native forest that surrounds us.
Remember that in As we become more aware of the connection with nature, the emotions of wonder and curiosity are restored, bringing the brain and nervous system into a state of calm, reducing stress levels and strengthening the immune system.
  1. When you wake up, do a body sweep: observe how each part of your body
    how each part of your body is activated from the bottom up, starting with your toes and working your way up to your head.
  2. Take a conscious shower: pay attention to the sensation of the water when it touches the skin, the temperature of the water, the intensity and strength.
  3. Five minutes of conscious breathing on the balcony: take a comfortable posture where your back is straight and pay attention to your breathing and its entire process, such as the temperature of the air as you inhale and exhale, how your abdomen and lungs expand and retract, among others.
  4. Discover your first drink of the day or breakfast: drink a beverage as you have never done before, first watch it, touch it, listen to it, taste it, and then drink it with attention.
  5. Connect with the natural environment of Cerro Verde: focus your attention with all of your senses, combine closing your eyes to sharpen your hearing and smell and then open them to observe the colors and touch what surrounds you, thus discovering the sensations and emotions it produces in you.

Tell us about your experiences and if these exercises made you live the Magic of Mirador Cerro Verde!