Love for nature, the story of Cerro Verde Mirador

Cerro Verde Mirador Reserves

It was the love for nature that gave birth to Mirador Cerro Verde. After understanding the importance of fresh water and ferns to take care of the water sources that conserve the native forest.

It has been more than 35 years in this process of nature conservation to have today’s result: an eco hotel surrounded by 200 hectares of protected forest where more than 66 species of birds live and where we make our mission possible: to share this magic with all guests and visitors.

The Antioquia Gaia Tower was also built. A favorite place for many, where with the help of binoculars you can observe the beauty of nature present in 70% of the Antioquian department visualized.

With this brief introduction, we give way to the complete narration of this beautiful story, told by Carlos Pineda: