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A truly privileged location

Located in the middle of 20,000 square metres area, surrounded by 200 hectares of native protected forest and 12 metres high and standing at an elevation point of over 2,700 metres above sea level you will find the Antioquia Tower.

Its 360º visual range allows you to look over 70% of the state as well as 5 out of the 6 páramo ecosystems of the state.

Experiencies- Antioquia Tower - Torre Antioquia Eco hotel Mirador Cerro verde

Great view of 5 of the 6 paramos of Antioquia

Just from the the Antioquia Tower

Páramo Sonson Mirador Cerro Verde

Sonsón Paramo

Important ecological site where a diverse variety of endemic flora and fauna can be found. It is the birthplace of many creeks and rivers which ultimately feed into the mighty Magdalena river.

Páramo del Sol Mirador Cerro Verde

Paramo of the Sun

Located in Urrao 4,000 metres above sea level, this unique ecoregion is rich in water resources and home to the Colombian bear also known as the spectacled bear because of its distinctive colour patterns in its face.

Vista Farallones Eco hotel Mirador Cerro verde

Citará Cliffs

Located on the central mountain range, on the border between Antioquia and Chocó, steep and rocky cliffs go all the way up to 4,020 metres above sea level. Let yourself be awed by the beautiful mountain landscape all around you.

Páramo Belmira Mirador Cerro verde

Paramo of Belmira/Santa Inés

Located on the central mountain range at 3,350 metres above sea level, this precious ecosystem is the birth place of over 70% of the potable water used by the people down at the Aburrá Valley, including Medellin.

Vista Las Baldías Eco hotel Mirador Cerro verde

Las Baldías Paramo

Located at San Félix, this is the smallest ecosystem of its kind in Colombia.

Be amazed by the beautiful mountainous landscape of the region

Exceed your expectations at the top of the Antioquia Tower

From the The Antioquia Tower  you can admire one of the best panoramic views of the department.

Visualize everything the light touches of the Peñol Rock and occasionally the Ruíz Snowy Mountain

Binoculars will be the best allies to live this great experience, and regardless of the weather you will have enchanting sunrises and sunsets.

Get ready to see further and discover all the magic of the territory.

Make today a great day!