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Cerro Verde Viewpoint

This unique accommodation in Santa Elena (Antioquia) is nestled in the heart of 200 hectares of protected native forest. It is the birth place of three major fresh, pure, water sources of priceless value to natural life in the region.

Explore the beauty of the forest and let yourself be captivated by its biodiversity. Learn about the unique and amazing plants, insects, birds and other wildlife that surround us.

Feel the gentle breeze on your skin and breathe-in the air from the Andes. Located at 2,700 metres above sea level, be sure to appreciate the 360º scenic viewpoint from The Antioquia Tower.

Reconnect with Mother Nature whilst discovering her distinct landscapes and diverse flora and fauna. Go on bushwalks during the day and come night time fall asleep to the sounds of the wild.

Cerro Verde Viewpoint Ecolodge is committed to developing a responsible and sustainable approach to tourism.


You don’t have to go very far to connect with nature

Here your senses will be stimulated by the natural surroundings. Horse riding, bushwalking, bird viewing… Cerro Verde Ecolodge has something for everyone.

Nature’s sounds, aromas and landscapes will intrigue you, revitalise you, inspire you and calm you down.